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Getting Married
Many people from around the country, from abroad or even within the parishes choose to be married in church and seek God's blessing and strengthening on their union in a Christian Ceremony.  We have 5 beautiful churches ideal for your wedding from Hoselaw for a small gathering to Morebattle or Yetholm taking 200 or so guests. Linton is often sought for its unique ambience for that special day seating around 100. We are very open to those who wish to be married in Scotland and our Minister will be happy to guide you through the arrangements and ensure a personal ceremony.
Getting Married In Scotland

There are differences in Scotland to look out for in terms of the legalities of getting married. However as long as you contact the Registrar in plenty of time all will be well.
The following is the link to the Registrar General in Scotland and the 'Marriage' page.
Our local office is in Kelso and the Registrar works an appontment system on weekday mornings - generally:-
It takes normally 3 - 6 weeks to complete that registration so do apply in plenty of time. If you are outwith the European Union you will also need a Wedding Visa which takes longer to arrrange. Normally the couple will collect the Registration document the day before the wedding and this you bring to church/venue where it is completed by the couple, 2 witnesses and the celebrant. The minister is completing the document on behalf of the Registrar who finalises the registration on return of this schedule.
The Borders Registrars have produced a brochure on getting married in the Borders - free for enquirers;-
The Marriage Ceremony
The Church of Scotland Marriage Ceremony is very much focussed on the sharing of vows and the symbolism of the exchange of rings. What it may lose by its brevity is compensated for by the beauty and integrity of the structure of the service and the sincerity of the language. Three different orders are offered below in a raw form to let you see the possibilities - all are adaptable and the 3rd service tends to be the default version. We are open to couples personalising their service in different ways and the readings from the Scottish Book of Common Order are only offered for a guide.
There are three basic approaches to embarking on a Christian Ceremony.
1. The first and simplest is to get in touch with our Minister and chat about requirements. It is his policy to make it clear that getting married is very simple and need not involve you in any expense beyond the Registrar. If there is any suggestion that you would wish a low key wedding and for reasons of resources cannot afford a full wedding this can be arranged.
2. Nowadays many are opting for a package offered by an hotel or specialist wedding venue. If this is the case and the arrangements can be mutually acceptable our Minister may be available to celebrate your marriage. This then is an arrangement between you and him and not the congregation. We would expect a donation to be made to the church though that acknowleges the time and service given to you.
3. The more normal route is a conventional wedding within a church and we will be happy to discuss this with you at any time. At present the fees for cleaning, organist and building are £400 and this can be gift aided. A leaflet is available on request. Please discuss details with our minister who will arrange the booking of the particular church and point you to the appropriate organist.