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Cheviot Churches: Church of Scotland

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We are a congregation of the Church of Scotland.


As a congregation we seek to serve God and express our Ministry in our Lord’s name by;-


  • Worship.
  • Pastoral Care for all within the parish.
  • An active ministry to all ages.
  • An interest in people and the communities of the parish.
  • A strong Christian fellowship.
  • Projects and activities.
  • Service to others.

History and Culture
Through these pages we will try and tell a little of our story and take you into the life of our parishes through the ages. Each of our ancient parishes has a tale to tell. We can cover nearly a 1000 years. We hope we still have tales to tell and you will find material relevant for today.Until recently we were three separate churches. Today we are organized under one Kirk Session, the court of management for a presbyterian church. We have four main places of worship and a wayside chapel at Hoselaw. The congregation is led by the Minister, The Rev Robin McHaffie. Elders of the church provide contact for pastoral or other reasons in a District system. Our parish covers the area best described as south of Kelso, after the parish of Sprouston, along the Border to Buchtrig and down the Kale and Bowmont valleys.