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Cheviot Churches: Church of Scotland

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Welcome to Cheviot Churches.

We are a congregation serving Christ and his people in valleys and villages in the shadow of the Cheviots. Our presence in these pages is both for locals and visitors. In an extended rural parish, we hope to stay in touch with you, through sharing information here. We are also aware of the number of people around the world who have connections with our parishes and to you and to those many visitors who are planning to visit or walk through our area we hope we can stimulate you by both our ministry here and by the joy of simply being in such a wonderful setting.

To all visitors who come through our portal may you find peace and the blessings of God as you rest here and upon your day. Do pray for those who gather under the banner of Cheviot Churches.

The end of Borders Abbeys Way in Kelso Abbey

  1. As most members know by now Robin has given us a long period of notice that he intends to retire in September. His last Sunday was marked with worship followed by a Summer Fete at Mainhouse. We are now in Vacancy.
  2. The Summer Magazine is on line here
Cheviot Churches: Church of Scotland

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